The Wordsmiths

Allow us to explain.

If you’re looking for two people, as quirky as the days are long and about as different as dawn and twilight, you’ve found us. Arrest us, officer—we’re guilty as charged.

Meet my friend R.R. He’s the deep one. Besides the stories I’m not allowed to tell you, I’m also not allowed to tell you he is an excellent poet, a native of sunny Southern California, completely smitten by literature and all its meaningful counterparts, and inspired by impossibly sticky dreams. He also loves games. Even though he sometimes comes off as a cynic, I promise there’s a hopeless romantic in there too. (He says it’s Romantic, as in the poets, not romantic, as in love, but it’s both. He will argue this, but it is both.)

Then there’s Heather. Not that she likes being called “wide,” but that’s the breadth of the subjects she will discuss. She enjoys reading and writing with a passion. Don't try to impress her with your own literary exploits - she's got you beat by a mile. But don't worry: she's kind, extremely interesting and obsessed with such subjects as Spanish, genetics, the writing process and H.I.V.E. Ah, yes- she's also most interested in villains - an odd subject, perhaps, but nonetheless admirable.

We write here. Sometimes we write a lot (like Heather) or we write twice a month (as R.R. usually tries to accomplish.) It’s nice to meet you. Were we face to face Rob would probably bow and greet you in a foreign language and Heather would give you a high five, but as it is, we can only offer our most sincere salutations. Stick around, mes amisThis is just the beginning. 

–Heather and R.R.


Other Places You Can Find Us:

Sometimes I'm a Story – Heather's other blog, where she talks about books, life as a reader and a writer, and other such secrets. 

An Infinite Mind (Archived) – R.R. No longer updates this blog, but it's still a good read if you ever have an afternoon and a cup of teaearlgreyhot. This is a good one to start on. Or this. Or this.