Sunday, March 22, 2015



Flickr Credit: José María Pérez Nuñez

Privacy is divine.

Privacy is hell.

I'm alone, so there is no one to make sounds and distract me.

I'm alone so I can hear the fridge turn on and nearly crap my pants.

There is no reason to lock the doors because there is no one to walk in on me undressing.

There is every reason to make sure the doors are locked three times because if anyone comes in there will be no one but myself to save me.

Time passes slow and sweet, like honey. I have no need to rush.

Time passes fast and dangit I have no one to remind me when I need to be places I'm totally responsible I can handle this.

Ah, me, myself, and I. Alone at last.

I have not touched the dryer the entire time I have been here help help someone has broken in to do laundry.

I can eat whatever I want!

I totally should not have eaten that.

I can watch whatever I want and no one will judge me!

I can watch whatever I want... Oops.

Oh, thank goodness, it's just the dog.

But what if it isn't just the dog.

The zombie apocalypse could happen outside and I would never know.

The zombie apocalypse could happen in here and no one would ever know. 

I don't understand why the cat likes to cuddle with the cupboards.

I don't understand why the cat likes to cuddle with me if it likes the cupboards so much

I will ask.

Why am I talking to the cat.

I love being alone.

It is hard being alone.


  1. Love the formatting on this one! And honestly, I'm so sorry for not commenting on the rest of them, because they are all glorious, but yeah. Well. Especially enjoyed the zombie apocalypse lines :D

    1. The duality was fun to write! So was the apocalypse. Don't worry, though, there's going to be like thirty of these, so it's not necessary to give them all personal attention. Thanks for reading! :)

  2. Oh, this is so gorgeous o.0 I really love it.